Claudia MOLL

Dr. sc. ETH

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Claudia Moll studied landscape architecture at the Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil and completed her postgraduate studies in the History and Theory of Architecture at ETH Zurich. Since 1994 she has worked in various Swiss landscape architecture offices and, from 2002 to 2003, as editor for Garten + Landschaft and Topos of Callwey Verlag in Munich. Since 2004 she works as a scientific researcher at the Chair of Christophe Girot at ETH Zurich as well as a freelance journalist. October 2009 Claudia Moll and Axel Simon published the book «Eduard Neuenschwander. Architekt und Umweltgestalter». The publication is the result of a collaboration of the Chair of Landscape Architecture of Christophe Girot and the Chair of Architecture and Technology of Peter Märkli at the ETH Zurich. It has been awarded by the German Architecture Museum DAM in the context of the DAM Architectural Award.

2015 Claudia Moll completed her dissertation on the landscape gardeners and plant breeders Theodor (1810–1893) and Otto (1844–1906) Froebel.