Welcome and thank you for visiting our Chair of Landscape Architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

It is an honor, as landscape architect, to be part of the world renown academic community that is the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich ETHZ, and in specific the Department of Architecture D-ARCH. The ETH  brings to our campus a rich array of exceptional critical thinkers delivering the highest standard of academic education in Europe. This translates concretely for the students and academic staff into excellence in our teaching methods, our research tools and the potential for cross disciplinary projects.



We are proud that the landscape architecture program is an integral part of the regular bachelors and masters program in architecture at the ETH Zurich. Our chair offers a distinctively differentiated and broad range of courses for students and professionals. Our chair is organized into the three main areas of competency: DesignLab, TheoryLab, and MediaLab. Research results from all three labs flow directly back into the teaching. Since 2011, we have founded the Landscape Visualization and Modeling Lab (LVML) to push state of the art research on terrestrial scanning and modeling tools.

Course offerings include for lecture series Landscape Architecture I + II, design studios, elective courses in the areas of theory and video and the mentoring of diploma projects, further details on the program.

To broaden the academic discourse to the professional world of landscape architectes, landscape infrastructure offices and engineering offices, our Chair also conducts seminar weeks and workshops on relevant themes.

The Institute of Landscape Architecture was founded to add to our acedmic offering, the Chair of Professor Gunther Vogt, reknown landscape architect.

We hope that our Labs, our course offerings, workshops and services answer the needs of students and professionals to prepare them for the challenges of our ever growing profession.