Lecture-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. Girot

Landscape Architecture I + II

Lecture Series ‘History and Theory of Garden Design and Landscape Architecture’ (Landscape Architecture I), Autumn Semester
Lecture Series ‘Theory and Design in Contemporary Landscape Architecture’ (Landscape Architecture II), Spring Semester

Both lecture series deal with the development of designed nature from the earliest cultural landscapes and gardens to contemporary and forthcoming tasks of landscape architecture. Currently, the lecture series ‘History and Theory of Garden Design and Landscape Architecture’ is being taught by Professor Christophe Girot.

The lectures are held in German and take place every Friday, 8:00–9:45 am at HIL E3. For further information please take a look at the course catalogue, download the lecture program and watch our video lectures.
Here you can find further Information about the Exams in Landscape Architecture I+II.



22.09.2017 I V01 I Roots: Ursprünge der Landschaft – Handout

29.09.2017 I V02 I Gärten der hydraulischen Zivilisationen – Handout

06.10.2017 I V03 I Temenos und Physis: Die Erfindung der Natur – Handout

13.10.2017 I V04 I Die geordnete Welt: Territorien der Römer – Handout

20.10.2017 I V05 I Die Landschaft des Mittelalters – Handout

27.10.2017            No Lecture – Seminar Week

03.11.2017 I V06 I Gärten der Renaissance – Handout

10.11.2017 I V07 I Gärten und Territorien des Barock – Handout

17.11.2017 I V08 I Landschaftsgärten der Aufklärung – Handout

24.11.2017 I V09 I Parks und Promenaden des 19. Jahrhunderts – Handuot

01.12.2017 I V10 I Gestaltungskonzepte des 20. Jahrhunderts – Handout

08.12.2017 I V11 I Gestaltung und Ökologie – Handout


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