Resources for Professionals

ETH Zurich defines continuing education as knowledge and technology transfer between academia and practice. The wide range of programmes offered are aimed at academically educated managers and experts who want to specialise further in their professional field and expand their knowledge between disciplines. Over 5,000 people from Switzerland and abroad attend our 150 continuing education programmes each year. Continuing education is also an important part of the alumni work and a window on the world. It reinforces the international presence of ETH Zurich, promotes goodwill in business and industry, among policy-makers and in society at large, creating space for further cooperation in research, education and services.


Our research has brought us to applying state of the art technology across disciplines of visualisation, digital technologies, infrastructure engineering and landscape architecture. It is part of our vision of the Chair of Landscape Architecture to act as a resource center for professionals in our field. Courses, workshops and seminars are offered and catered to professional audiences.


Our laboratories and computing tools as well as library and archives are available for professionals to explore independently or be guided through this broad choice of resources.


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