We want young designers, engineers and architects to think concretely and responsively about the evolution of the environment and the forces that shape it and transform it. 

—  Christophe Girot, 2009

Continuing education as a core task

ETH Zurich is a leading provider of university continuing education in Switzerland and is committed to the highest international quality standards. According to the Federal Law on the Swiss Federal Institutes of Technology, continuing education is one of their core tasks and is prominently enshrined in the ETH Zurich mission statement.

Continuing education for business and industry, and working professionals

ETH Zurich defines continuing education as knowledge and technology transfer between academia and practice. The wide range of programmes offered are aimed at academically educated managers and experts who want to specialise further in their professional field, expand their knowledge between disciplines, or prepare themselves for management positions.

Professionals in landscape architecture, landscape infrastructure as well as engineers

Landscape architecture as seen in our labs and our research reaches into different cross disciplinary fields. This brings us to interact with professionals both in Switzerland and beyond throughout the curriculum. We also aim to provide a resource center for swiss professionals in our field that wish to stay informed and participate in state of the art innovation and research. We offer workshops on the topics of terrestrial scanning and new tools in topographic design.