Design Elective Course Autumn Semester 2015

Decomposing Röntgenplatz in Zürich

Investigating a new urban landscape proposal in Zürich

Green spaces create vibrant streetscapes and are key factors for attracting residents and businesses. Compared to the built substance of Zürich, their development remains paradoxically quite marginal and conservative. These spaces require new suitable design solutions for city life while enhancing natural qualities.

The Goal of this elective course in fall 2015 (Wahlfach, 2 ECTS) is to introduce students to notions of landscape design in an urban environment by decomposing and then recomposing differently a well known public space in Zürich. The technique for this exercise will rely on three-dimensional point cloud scans that will be edited in order to modify, propose –and visually represent– a new landscape design for the Röntgenplatz. Short workshops will alternate with design inputs where students will gain the ability to edit and represent 3D point clouds models.

Student in groups of 2 will set their landscape design goal as output of their designs with both cultural and ecological criteria in mind. They will work on and perfect a short animated sequence, as well as a representation in plans and sections, all through the 3D point cloud model of the square. In early 2016 the work can be further investigated and developed with the new acquired techniques through a Thesis Elective (Wahlfacharbeit, 6 ECTS).


Weekly 15:00-17:00, HIL H40.8 (LVML)

17. Sept – Introduction to the Elective Course
24. Sept – Design development I : sketching, 15:30 meeting on site (Röntgenplatz)
01. Oct – Workshop I : point cloud editing
08. Oct – Design development II (sketching, table discussions)
15. Oct – Workshop II : point cloud assembling
22. Oct – [Seminar Week : no class]
29. Oct – Design development III
05. Nov – Workshop III : point cloud rendering
12. Nov – Design Production I
19. Nov – Design Production II
26. Nov – Design Production III
03. Dec – Final Presentation


  • Introduction: Thursday September 17th 2015, 3 PM, HIL-H40.8 (LVML)
  • The Wahlfach will be limited to 20 students in total.
  • We will work in groups of 2.
  • The lectures will be in English, assistance E/D
  • For the schedule see our Webpage:

Assistants: Ilmar Hurkxkens, Magdalena Kaufmann, Philipp Urech

Animated sequence of the 28-million-dot point cloud model of the Röntgenplatz, rendered in Cinema 4D.