Design Studio FS2017 | MAGADINO PLANE

The FS2017 Landscape Architecture Design Studio of Prof. Christophe Girot investigates existing and future topologies on the Magadino plain and will look particularly at the area situated between the Ticino river and the Lago maggiore. more



Elective Course FS2017 | Auf Irrwegen. Das Labyrinth zwischen Motiv und Metapher

In this elective course, we will examine our eternal fascination with the labyrinth. We will begin by investigating its historic, even mythological, roots and end by asking ourselves what relevance this ancient motif may hold within the Digital Era. more




We will explore the vernacular stone architecture of Corsica with its deeply rooted, vivid relationship to landscape, sound and everyday culture through on-site acoustic experiments, soundwalks, and workshops with local experts. more



Elective Course FS17 | ICE LIGHT VOID

Through a weekend trip to the glacier of Morteratsch we will investigate its topology, depth and surface. You will learn to take pictures with an analog middle-format photo camera and work on the spatial perception through photography by looking at the structure of ice in the vast landscape of Morteratsch. more



Master Thesis Landscape-thumbnail-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. GirotMaster Arbeit | Begleitung Landschaftsarchitektur FS17

Die Masterarbeit im Begleitfach Landschaftsarchitektur begleitet Studierende während ihrer abschliessenden Semesterarbeit des Studiengangs Architektur mit dem Augenmerk auf den Aussenraum. Es werden halbjährlich variierende Aufgaben mit unterschiedlichen Lösungsmassstäben bearbeitet. Gesucht ist eine integrative und ganzheitliche Gestaltung, die Architektur und Landschaft als Ganzes betrachtet. more



Lecture-thumbnail-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. GirotLecture | Landscape Architecture I + II

The FS2017 lecture series on “Theory and Design in Contemporary Landscape Architecture” will tackle issues such as revitalisation, sustainability etc. The lectures review design approaches that critically reflect our inherited perception of nature. The themes of site, soil, water and vegetation provide some useful aspects for the design practice. more


Exams-thumbnail-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. Girot
Exams Lecture | Landscape Architecture III

Examination for bachelor students in architecture (‘Sessionsprüfung’): The examinations for the bachelors program can be taken twice a year, in summer or winter. It tests knowledge from the lecture series ‘History and Theory of Garden Design and Landscape Architecture’ and ‘Theory and Design in Contemporary Landscape Architecture’. Information for the written exam will follow during the semester. more