Application period for ETH MAS LA 2017-18: Opens January 2017!

Since fall 2015 the ETH Master of Advanced Studies Program in Landscape Architecture – MAS LA – sets a stronger focus on the site study. An important part of this new program input is the kickoff 5-day project field trip (travel costs and hotel are covered by the tuition fee). During the trip abroad, the group will visit a site of great landscape architectural relevance visiting projects commented by the landscape architects themselves. The trip will be done in conjunction with local universities. Preliminary concepts will be sketched out, elaborated and discussed on site.

Starting fall 2016, the course will be collaborating with Gramazio and Kohler in one of the Modules. This will introduce a fresh perspective on ways of working, and enrich the course.

The central task addresses the current trend in large-scale projects: which without the use of parametric CAD-CAM technologies, can no longer be planned, realized nor managed. This trend presumes that the designer is able to work with a high level of expertise on a given design approach. Our program specializes on advanced computational design and analysis techniques using the most up to date point cloud technology available. In addition to specialized technical expertise, it also requires the ability to use design tools appropriately. The MAS LA program works within a range of technical and design inputs, theoretical issues and discussions, as well as feedback from international specialists, from landscape architecture and CAD-CAM to Landscape Design Simulation. The program will pick on current problems and investigate new workflows, which can be evaluated and applied experimentally to current site-specific issue.

The focus of the MAS LA will remain on the use and deployment of the latest modeling and visualization techniques as well as 3D landscape illustration methods.

Through intense work with the latest modeling and visualization software, graduates will be capable to complete complex design tasks and to develop new kinds of design methods. The CAD programs chosen (i.e. Rhino) are particularly appropriate for the visualization of large-scale landscape designs, they also offer the possibility for files to be exported to CNC mills. In addition, students will be asked to develop some solid competence in the area of 3D GIS. Photography and video will be developed as design tools for illustration.


The course open to architects, designers and engineers, is intended as a part-time programme over two semesters. It is divided into the following steps:

1- a site-exploration,
2- theme modules, workshops and
3- a concluding synthesis module.

The modular structure will allow for a concentrated focus on chosen individual themes, which can be combined within the framework of an overall project leading the concluding synthesis module.


Site-Visit: Exploration: 5 day excursion to an international site, visiting and exploring a current landscape architecture theme.

M1 Landscape Modeling
M2 Landscape Point Cloud Technology Part I, Visualization, Analysis
M3 Programming Landscape
M4 Applied Programming
M5 Points & Pixels – Point Clouds Part II
M6 Final Synthesis


Download a PDF with the module and workshop overview here!


  • The program is geared towards university graduates in the areas of architecture and landscape architecture, designers and engineers in related fields.
  • Applicants should have at least 2 years of professional experience.
  • Applicants should be familiar with various visualization and modeling techniques.
    The number of participants is limited to 16.
  • Application process: January – !!PROLONGED TILL THE END OF JUNE 2016.
  • Submission of portfolio, letter of motivation, 3 letters of recommendation and CV to the Chair of Landscape Architecture, Prof. Christophe Girot via email:
  • All additional documents to the ETH admission office ZFW: period for enrollment MAS LA 2016-17: Jan – prolonged till the end of JUNE 2016!



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