Exploration on Digital CNC Field of large-scale Landscape Architecture

Paper Presentation

The topic, ‘Towards a meaningful Usage of Digital CNC Tools: Within the Field of large-scale Landscape Architecture’, explores the development beyond commonly used rapid prototyping techniques and design applications.

Abstract:The innovative and integrative use of digital CNC technologies in the field of landscape architecture is, for the most part, quite new when compared with the field of architecture. The following paper focuses on new techniques for visualizing work processes and developments for large-scale landscape designs. The integration of these processes within a teaching environment stands at the forefront. In this context, the use of programmed tools and the immediate translation of preliminary design ideas to models using the Mini Mill in the studio allow students to investigate and test new approaches. Next steps will be explored through the use of parametric design tools.

The paper was awarded with the Ivan Petrovic Presentation Award to Pia Fricker.

The research project was in collaboration with the RapLab and the Professorship for CAAD.

Further information soon available via the conference program.

Pia Fricker
Alexandre Kapellos
James Melsom
Pascal Werner

Yves Ebnöther

Mathias Bernhard