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Chair Christophe Girot · Institute of Landscape Architecture · ETH Zurich
The Lab

On the search for a topological definition of landscape aesthetics, the chair’s MediaLab – an interdisciplinary team of landscape architects, architects and filmmakers – teaches and researches on the visual and auditory culture of landscape. The critical involvement with the perception of landscape is the basis of qualified architectonic design. Methods continuously refined through the exploration of the reflective potential of different media lay the foundations for the work in LandscapeVideo and LandscapeAudio. A crucial aspect of this approach is the comparison of the medially framed landscape with the palpable sensual experience encountered through fieldwork, since the final goal is to find ways of incorporating new insights into our future environment.

Landscape Acoustics

We understand sound as a primary element of the spatial structure and aesthetic quality of a landscape. Combining experimental fieldwork with a state-of-the-art surround laboratory setting, we analyze, remodel and recompose sonic spaces. Guided by composers, acousticians and sound artists, our students learn recording and composition tools and discover new approaches to architectural design.

Landscape Visuals

In the process of investigating urban and rural landscapes, the video camera is used as a sketching tool to analyze and edit the material through new montages that consider the spatial, temporal, aesthetic and social aspects of a site. How can we summon and translate the things we hear, see, smell and feel – our aesthetic experience – in a filmic montage?


Research Associates MediaLab
Nadine Schütz
Landscape Acoustics
Nadine Schütz graduated in Architecture and Urban Design at the ETH Zurich. Since 2009, she teaches at the MediaLab. She conducted the “Raum-Klang-Labor”, installed the “AudioVisual Lab” and is working on her doctoral thesis on The Acoustic Dimension of Landscape Architecture.
Johannes Rebsamen
Landscape Visuals
Johannes Rebsamen graduated in Architecture and Urban Design at the ETH Zurich. In parallel to his academic activity, he works on architectural and artistic project. Since 2011, he works at the MediaLab, conducting Elective Courses and investigating landscape with video, photo and point clouds.
Matthias Vollmer
Landscape Visuals
Matthias Vollmer investigates the interplay between architecture and visual media. After studies in film at ZHdK, he studied Architecture at ETH Zurich. His research focusses on the relationship between architecture and landscape through visual media (laser scans, film, photography)
Ludwig Berger
Landscape Acoustics
Ludwig Berger is a composer and sound artist, graduated in Musicology, Art History, Literature and Electroacoustic Composition. Since 2015 he works at the MediaLab, investigating audiovisual mapping techniques and psychogeographic strategies for landscape architecture.