AudioVisual Lab


Our AudioVisual Lab (AV Lab) offers a surround system for spatial audio-visual simulation of landscape scenarios. It enables students and researchers to investigate how auditory and visual impressions both shape our perception of the environment, through experimental analysis and innovative design approaches. It complements the infrastructure of the LVML, which was founded 2009 in a collaboration of the Chair for Landscape Architecture of Christophe Girot and the Chair for Planning of Landscape and Urban Systems of Adrienne Grêt-Regamey (PLUS, D-BAUG) and is a competency center for state-of-the-art landscape visualization and modeling.


bildschirmfoto-2016-10-25-um-14-42-38 Virtual acoustic environment (Wave field synthesis)

160323_avlab-openingRecomposing audiovisual spaces (“Zurich Tracks” Seminar week 2016)

bildschirmfoto-2016-10-25-um-14-44-02 4-Channel video projection (“Zurich Tracks” Seminar week 2016)