Ankuendigung_Lenahan_Kienast_AerniAnette Freytag delivers the Lenahan Memorial Lecture 2014
at the Yale School of Architecture


Anette Freytag, Senior Lecturer and Head of Research at our chair, will be presenting her lecture «Back to the Roots: Topology and Phenomenology in Landscape Architecture» at Yale University as the Timothy Egan Lenahan Memorial Lecture 2014. The lecture will take place on April 10, at 6:30 p.m.

Landscape architecture is a form of complex knowledge. Through its interventions it is capable of making things visible that one does not see otherwise and, among other qualities, it has the potential to create designs of indeterminacy. These qualities shall be discussed in the lecture, with a focus on an analysis of recent examples of garden art and landscape architecture that embody the topological and phenomenological dimension of landscape architecture. This means that they are bound to space and consciousness. These qualities are considered to be fundamental to the discipline. A major focus will be on the work of Swiss Landscape Architect Dieter Kienast because it mirrors the development of European landscape architecture between the 1970s and the 1990s, when a redefinition of the discipline took place. The goal of the lecture is to show how traditional skills may help the profession to face its current challenges. It also provides thorough critique on current landscape projects.

The Timothy Egan Lenahan Memorial Fund was established at Yale in 1994 by friends and family honoring Timothy Lenahan (B.A. 1980, M.Arch. 1984) as his brilliant career was cut short by his death in 1992. This annual lecture focuses on the relationship between landscape and architecture and supports the teaching of landscape.

Since its inception, the following persons have delivered a Timothy Egan Lenahan Memorial Lecture:
Thaisa Way, Spring 2013
Charles Waldheim, Spring 2012
Kristina Hill, Spring 2011
Elizabeth Meyer, Spring 2010
Walter Hood, Autumn 2008
Kate Orff, Autumn 2007
Adriaan Geuze, Spring 2007
Mirka Benes, Spring 2006
Morgan Dix Wheelock, Spring 2005
Alessandra Ponte, Spring 2004
Peter Walker, Spring 2003
Stan Allen and James Corner, Spring 2002
Michael Van Valkenburgh, Spring 2001
Kathryn Gustafson, Autumn 2000
Mario Schjetnan, Spring 2000
Witold Rybczynski, Autumn 1999
Michael Sorkin, Spring 1999
James Corner, Autumn 1997
Richard Haag, Spring 1996