The MediaLab of the Chair of Professor Girot is a world-leading institution in the research of visual culture in landscape architecture.


The focus of this investigation is the potential of video-based analysis of landscape as part of the design process. Our work shows how the view through a camera changes the gaze of the beholder and, with the help of the viewfinder, focuses on the surrounding landscape in such a way that elements can gain importance that otherwise elude our attention. It tests and confirms the ability of video to integrate into complex representations such volatile factors as immersion, the perception of atmospheres, the role of the sound, and our own activity in space that all together form the experience of large scale environments. In so doing, video is able to depict these environments not only as a perceived space, but also as a lived space


The LandscapeVideo research is based on the development of an experimental teaching method introducing the moving image as a contemporary mode of seeing in landscape architecture. Video is used as an instrument to educate the subjective perception and to reflect the contemporary perception of landscape through new medium. The analysis of visual conventions is the basis for a precise visualization of landscape architectural design.

See extracts from student work.


2012 – Participation in the exhibition “Göhner wohnen” at ETH Zurich with 20 student’s videos.

2012 – Participation and nomination at the Singapore expo (world fair) at the video wall of with 24 videos about 24 hours Zurich.

2010 – Our Exhibition and Symposium “Blicklandschaften” at the Polyterrasse at ETH Zurich, placing in review 7 years working with LandscapeVideo.

2010 – Participation at the world renown video wall of Nam June Paik at the symposium and exhibition “Gestalt der Bewegung” at Stuttgart.

2007 – 20 of our videos were entered at the Negotiated View Landscape film festival at Penn State University. The Audience Choice recognition was awarded to our students film “Shortcut!”.  There was much support and enthusiasm for all the works and the films “Idyll” and “Cadavre Exquis” came in very close behind.

Contact: Director of MediaLab Nadine Schütz