Best of MAS LA 2010-2011 – Student Projects:

Forming a Cultural Ground | a project by Christine Baumgartner

The project proposes a literal displacement of excavation material from the Gubrist Tunnel in the form of flat cones. They are all set in a regular grid and have an accessible flat cone top at the same absolute altitude.

Since the cone base varies in height depending on the existing terrain, the number of different spatial sequences that one experiences while walking through the landscape is almost infinite. The resulting system of narrow and wide spaces creates a variety of special effects with cones appearing or
disappearing into the ground.

The design is entitled “A Suburban Tool”: A tool because the landscape grows according to the amount of material that is added, and suburban because by occupying the space, the cones define areas that are located close to major infrastructural junctions or excavation sites somewhere at the edge of the city.

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