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Dwelling refers directly to the survey of the relationship between space and the human body and the way in which inhabitants use space.

According to Michel de Certeau, the search for comfort by a city’s inhabitants might be described as a tactic that helps rewrite space and recombine materials with customary rules and codes – It can be understood as the capacity of a subject to utilize the folds and furrows of spatial and social orders, by construing them to some personal advantage. It takes possession of a topographic situation, appropriating and defending the “given” conditions of a place. In this “comment from below” about the features of an urban landscape, the inhabitatant focuses only on some of the conditions present in the field, leaving other matters unattended. Investigations and map representation operate in a similar way, as a filter or grid, sifting through the urban landscape, selecting elements and situations that underpin various states of wellbeing.