MAS_Landscape_Girot_2007-2008_Carolin Fickinger

Best of MAS LA 2007-2008 – Student Projects:

INTENSE:SCAPES | a project by Carolin Fickinger

An open zone establishes a border and redirection of the urban sprawl, without a loss of living qualities along the existing urban belt, and replaces, sorts and increases existing qualities and uses. The first main outcome of the redirection by freeing it from the narrow canal is a new relationship to the water. The tidal interaction of Lake Constance and the New Rhine are emphasized and rendered legible. The project allows a heightened experience of the developing and changing textures in flora and fauna, the forces of the tides and an ever-changing landscape through the sediment-dependent transformation of the topography. During most of the year it is possible to walk or boat through the reeds and forests or the dry river arms, in order to experience unmediated the full impact of weather, tides and vegetation.

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