Industrial Robot ROB + Landscape Architecture

In 2005, Professors Gramazio + Kohler installed a flexible construction facility within the Department of Architecture based on an industrial robot in order to examine new production conditions for architecture design.

Industrial robots are reliable, robust and reasonable in cost. Our robot moves on a seven meter linear axis and has a reach of three meters and is thus in a position to fabricate and work with large building parts on a 1:1 scale.
The robot is controlled directly by the data created in the design. In addition, it works with different tools according to a specific task. The inclusion of constructive production and material-technical aspects in the design makes it possible to make use of these degrees of freedom for architecture.

In 2011, a collaborative extension course between this chair and landscape architecture was initiated with astounding results. The industrial robot as well as the smaller table tops robots are resources available for further exploration in applications to landscape architecture.