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3D Laser Scanning – Reconstructing the Circular Painting “The Clear World of the Blissful” in the Original Rotunda

The cicular painting “The Clear World of the Blissful” by Elisàr von Kupffer
 (1872-1942) was the center of von Kupffer’s house, called Elisarion, in Minusio (
Ticino) and was on display from 1939 in a rotunda added to the house.
 The exhibition designer Harald Szeemann saved the painting from 
 destruction in the late 1970s when all the art work was cleared out of von Kupffer’s house. After touring as part of an Szeemann-exhibition the circular painting was installed in a wooden pavilion on Monte Verità Ascona due to lack of finances, where it has remaind up to this day. 
Von Kupffer’s house with the original rotunda still existing, serves currently as cultural center for Minusio. Based on 3D-Scanning methods developped at the chair of landscape 
architecture at ETH Zurich the circular painting can be virtually
 reconstructed and visualized in its original rotunda.

Project Team:
Pascal Werner (ETH/LVML)
Lukas Piccolin (Association PRO ELISARION)