Workshops + Seminars

Professional workshops are organized by the Landscape Architecture Chair of Prof. Girot Swiss Federal Institute of Technology ETH Zurich and the Landscape Visualization and ModelingLab LMVL. The workshops are design to accompany professionals in the fast moving advances in state-of-the-art modeling and visualization technologies in the design within the field of landscape architecture and infrastructure.

Initiation landscape infrastructure + topology visualization workshop
These workshops provide essential bases for engineering, geology, architecture & landscape architecture students to acquire a focus introduction on these state of the art site analysis tools and the consequences of using such technology.

The workshops are aimed to educate professionals on the active role these technological tools provide in large scale engineering projects.

The trainings aim at develop understanding of these tools and begin to understand the large scale strategy in terms of project design and process, but also the professional teams with which this data will be exchanged and adapted.

The workshop permits professionals to test the importance of these tools and this scale of landscape interaction to allow them to understand if this particular field of landscape is appropriate to them.



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