Design Studio HS2020 | Alpnach Riviera

Design Studio HS2020 | Alpnach Riviera
August 18, 2020 Fujan Fahmi

Introduction to the studio will take place on Tuesday, September 15th, 2020, Design Studio HIL C 40.1 (tbc) at 10 am.


Saturday, 3. October 2020 –  Sunday, 4. October 2020
Estimated Cost: 130CHF


Prof. Christoph Girot, Fujan Fahmi, Julian Fischbacher, Benedikt Kowalewski, Luisa Overath


Dr. Ilamr Hurxkxkens 


Fujan Fahmi

Air Base Alpnach | July 2020

Forming a Dynamic Flood Plain

The HS20 “Alpnach Riviera” Design Studio, will work on a new Riviera landscape extending on the shores of Lake Alpnach. It will start by investigating the hinterland of Alpnach through the re-establishment of the “Chli Schliere” river in the Sarner Aa Valley. The studio will explore innovative design strategies that mitigate flood risk. Following that, students will engage with the Riviera landscape on the banks of the Sarner Aa & Chli Schliere delta. Their design approach is meant to reveal and enhance the hidden potential of this small natural resort. While reflecting on the role of open public space and collective ground, students will formulate a range of approaches capable of creating a rich and meaningful public area between the waterfront, the river park, the airport, and the city. In a region with little public space, the proposed studio is meant to offer new and suggestive opportunities for leisure and recreation.

In response to the challenges of violent flood events, students will be asked to integrate recurrent floods as a factor in their design process and to develop a resilient design strategy by establishing a multi-purpose retention basins, together with restoring a wild riverine landscape with dynamic boundaries. Students will then explore the inherent potentials of the Riviera coastline by questioning existing infrastructures and adapting them intelligently to the design. Through a re-articulation of this coastal strip, a resilient, sustainable and accessible environment will be created. Idyllically situated at the Lake Alpnach, this perimeter is the ideal place for camping, swimming, lounging and other leisure activities such as birdwatching. A new cycle and pedestrian path along the lakefront will further facilitate the development of the leisure area offering visitors a unique nature experience on the Alpnach Riviera

Based on the principles of dynamic landscape modelling developed at the Chair of Christophe Girot over the past decade, the studio will use the ETH Landscape Modelling and Visualizing Lab (LVML) to develop a procedural and iterative design approach allowing students to manipulate existing terrain conditions to help generate a topographic, site-specific strategy on both medium and large scales of landscape design. A workshops for landscape modelling (Rhinoceros3D), generative design methods (Grasshopper) and simulation (Basement) will be held to help students generate operative 3D landscape models. We will invite students to a series of lectures, workshops and a compulsory weekend site visit, as well as critiques and workbooks reviews. This will help students attain the large scale landscape design objectives set by this studio.