Elective Course FS2023 | Serendipity | Uetliberg Section

Elective Course FS2023 | Serendipity | Uetliberg Section
January 9, 2023 Dennis Häusler

«The layout of the city of Zurich is well known. Not only is it continuously surveyed by official bodies in maps or plans, it has also served architects and historians time and again in the past as a basis for examining the development of the city. But what does the city look like in section? And what insights can be derived from it?»

This is the question that the teaching and research project Schnitt durch Zürich (Section through Zurich) has been investigating by the Chair of Laurent Stalder. As an Addition to the existing work, this course will create a section of the Uetliberg. As a part of methodical refinement, 3D laser scanning and point cloud modeling methods, developed at the Chair of Chirstophe Girot are used to digitally model the topography and vegetation. Following the data collection the materials will be transferred to common CAD Software and reproduced in a section. Students will use scanners to scan the slopes, landscapes and buildings of the Uetliberg in fieldwork and get introduced to the workflow from scan to CAD drawing. Therefore broadening their methodological abilities while gaining in-depth knowledge of the urban edge of the City of Zurich.

TEACHING TEAM: Dennis Häusler, …

CONTACT:  Dennis Häusler

20. Feb   Introduction
27. Feb   Technical Introduction
06. Mar  Fieldwork
13. Mar   Fieldwork
20. Mar   – Semiarweek – no course
27. Mar   Software Introduction
03. Apr    – Easter Break – no course
10. Apr   Group Work
17. Apr    Group Work
24. Apr   Midterm
01. Mai   – Labor Day – no course
08. Mai  Group Work
15. Mai   Schlusskritik