Chair of Christophe Girot during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Chair of Christophe Girot during the Covid-19 Pandemic
March 31, 2020 Dennis Häusler

Due to the current situation in regards to the Covid-19 Pandemic some changes occur to teaching and research at our Chair.

All teaching is being continued – digital only, until May 2020.

As all of ETH teaching and research departments have shifted to digital only, also our chair adopted to the current situation. More information on how this is managed from the ETH can be found here. More information about our courses individually can be found below or as usual on our website.

Research projects are continued as long as they can be pursued from a home office.

This situation remains unchanged until the end of the Semester in May 2020.

Current Courses:
Design Studio – Seeland Rivage

As we will continue our studio in online mode, we provide our students with some more detailed information on the following topics:

  1. Studio communication
  2. Teaching formats
  3. Important programs
  4. Technical troubleshooting
  5. Schedule

Despite the transition to online sessions, our regular studio hours remain the same, every Tuesday and Wednesday from 10.00 to 18.00. Our first online session in Zoom will be held on Tuesday 24 March at 9.30am. We are aware that we may have some connection or server problems. For this reason we will record our presentations and upload them to the server in addition to the PDFs of the slides.

Elective Course: Serendipity – Carved Landscape

Caused by the current situation at the ETH, there will be no work in the labs. The timeline of the course remains as scheduled. The final result remains the same, but digital only: one minute of sound, one image. The software required for the course is either freely available or can be obtained from ETH and installed on personal laptops. Weekly meetings with the groups and presentations are held via Zoom. Before the meetings and presentations, all results are uploaded to the student server in the designated folders the day before. In addition to the audio and photo results, the respective presentation is stored on the server in written form the day before. All meetings (table crits) and presentations (crits) take place during regular class time.

Elective Course: Topology – Draw a Map to Get Lost

The elective course “Topology: Draw a Map to Get Lost” will continue to take place.
Instead of the upcoming session on Friday, March 27, we will send our students the detailed information about the task by mail.
The scheduled individual meetings to discuss the student contributions on April 3rd and April 23rd will be held via zoom. (Further information will follow.)

Lecture Series: Landscape Architecture II
The lecture Landscape Architecture II will in future be held via Zoom. On Friday morning shortly before 8.00 a link will be sent to all enrolled students, via which the video recorded by Professor Girot can be played.
During the lecture period between 8.00 and 10.00 a.m. students will be welcome to ask questions or add comments in the online chat.
It is very important to us that the lecture continues to be active, even if physical presence is currently not possible.
LUS – Doctoral Program in Landscape and Urban Studies

We are happy to report that we will maintain the course online (zoom), having received confirmation from our scheduled correspondents, and our first lecturer in the new format will be Charlotte Malterre-Barthes speaking to ‘Arable Lands, Lost Lands’. She will be introduced by our doctoral candidate Nitin Bathla, who will frame her presentation with a brief status report of his own research, and who will likewise facilitate the subsequent group discussion.

Seminarweek: Telluric Tales

As all excursions this semester, the seminarweek Telluric Tales to the Etna is cancelled. We hope to offer the course in Fall 2020.