Pamphlet 21 – Sampling Kyoto Gardens

intersensory silence | vertical listening | threshold | hide and reveal | gestures/clearing | the nature of intervals | white open | sequential listening | black hole

Can we evoke a sense of garden through audiovisual samples? Establishing an interplay between sound recordings, point cloud models, and writing, this issue of Pamphlet acts as a poetic experiment in landscape perception. It invites the reader on a literary stroll through traditional Japanese gardens set into the contemporary urban environment of Kyoto. In doing so, Sampling Kyoto Gardens challenges the capacity of audio and visual technologies to capture and reproduce fragments of sensory experience in a way that is both significant and boundless enough to provoke multiple yet linked readings between different minds, cultures, and approaches.

Christophe Girot, Ludwig Berger, Nadine Schütz, Matthias Vollmer (eds.); authors: Ludwig Berger, Michael Fowler, Christophe Girot, Masahiro Kinoshita, Yoshiro Ono, Nadine Schütz, Taiko Shono, Kentaro Takeguchi, Kiyoshi Sey Takeyama, Erwin Viray, Matthias Vollmer, Asako Yamamoto