Main Areas of Research

Point Cloud Research: Digital Landscape Design and Analysis

Under the banner of Landscape Topology, Digital Landscape Design and Analysis has become a core research project at the Chair of Professor Christophe Girot. Based on point cloud modelling techniques the project has allowed for considerable progress in matters of landscape modelling and representation. The chair has developed interactive models with this technology that enable boundless movement through virtual space. In addition, laser scan point cloud models when combined with ambient surround sound recordings produce a new kind of audiovisual landscape reality. In this project teaching and research at the Chair complement one another, working hand in hand at perfecting this nascent design technique.

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Topology: Thinking About Ground in Landscape Architecture

Topology is currently considered to be an abstract term designating a continuity of surface and connections in mathematics and structural engineering. Topology, in the sense of landscape architecture, is not only about descriptive geometry, it pays greater attention to the making and modelling of ground surfaces leading to innovative topographies. Topology is about the making of a landscape and its intrinsic beauty, it therefore requires a deep poetic and aesthetic engagement on part of the designer.

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