• Sep302019

    Apply now: Master of Science ETH in Landscape Architecture

    We offer a new Master’s program in Landscape Architecture at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich with a focus on the design and planning of open spaces and landscapes. Next application window: 15 November – 15 December 2022

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  • Aug032022

    Bodies of Water – A Swiss Landscape Trilogy

    Exhibition: October 4th – 14th, ETH Main Building

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  • May302022


    • 31.05.2022 | Designing Furttals Riverway | ETH MScLA Design Studio FS22 | Hönggerberg, G75 | 09:00h – 13:00h

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  • May252022


    • 01.06.2022 | A Garden Campus for the Paul Scherrer Institute | Design Studio FS22 | Hönggerberg, HIL C 40.1 | 09:00h – 18:30h

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  • May232022

    Sonic Topologies

    Site-specific festival for sound art, acoustic ecology and sonic architecture. Zurich, June 24-26, 2022

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  • May202022

    How to Disappear in a Library

    • Exhibition | 18.05. – 03.06.2022
    Wrapped in a textile room installation a thematically curated selection of books from the Kienast library will be presented on the roof of ETH Hönggerberg

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  • May052022

    Jatiwangi art Factory + LAIRmusik group

    • Talk and Concert | Tuesday 10.05.2022
    The Jatiwangi art Factory (JaF) music group LAIRmusik tours the world — with their handmade ceramic instruments.

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  • Apr262022

    Lost Landscapes – Lecture By Eric-Jan Pleijster

    • 27.04.2022 | Lecture

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  • Apr182022

    Landscript 6 | Landscape Analogue

    About Material Culture and Idealism

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  • Apr182022

    BOOK LAUNCH | Landscape Analogue

    • 19.05.2022 | Book Presentation, Never Stop Reading

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  • Apr142022

    Transitional Space – Book Vernissage & Film Premiere

    Transitional Space | Monday, Mai 2, 2022

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  • Apr062022

    Pamphlet 25 | Transitional Space

    Six Japanese Houses Traversed

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  • Mar282022

    Audio Visual Publication Gotthard Transect

    Sight and Sound Observations Above the New Base Tunnel

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