• Jan202008

    Pamphlet 9 | The Picturesque – Synthese im Bildhaften 


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  • Jun202007

    Pamphlet 8 | Landscapes Abused

    Pamphlet 8 investigates the development of contemporary landscapes as products of political conflicts and econ­omic hegemonies.

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  • Jan202007

    Pamphlet 7 | Waterscapes 

    Waterways between Infrastructure Landscape and Event Landscape

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  • Sep192006

    Zeitgeist Berlin Invalidenpark

    An old military park of 3 hectares located in Berlin Mitte was redesigned as one the first new public open space between East and West Berlin.

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  • Jun032006

    Pamphlet 6 | Der Stadtpark 

    Die in Pamphlet 6 vorgelegte Geschichte des öffentlichen Parks versucht diesen besonderen Raum in seiner Vielgestaltigkeit zu zeigen.

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  • Jun032005

    Pamphlet 5 | Designing Unique Landscapes

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  • Apr022005

    Pamphlet 4 | Landschaft und Szenografie

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  • Mar022005

    Pamphlet 3 | Bomarzo. Beobachtungen anhand einer neuen Karte

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  • Feb022005

    Pamphlet 2 | Kaserne Esplanade

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  • Jan012005

    Pamphlet 1 | Aux Alpes, Citoyens! Alpiner Mythos und Landschaftsarchitektur

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  • Jan192004

    Small Urban Natures

    Whether it is the empty lawn in Pierrelaye, the serpentine in Alfortville or the hill with the huge cedar in the schoolyard in Rueil in Malmaison, all these projects make a reference to the location itself using bold gestures.

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  • Jan190201
    Gustav Ammann-Cramer-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. Girot

    Gustav Ammann

    Modernist Landscapes in Switzerland

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