• Jan202011

    Seminar Week FS2011 | Raum Klang Labor I

    Zürich, Switzerland / 19. – 31. January 2011

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  • Jun252010
    The students of the ETH integrated water management and future urban development issues into their landscape strategy and design

    Exhibition “Sion-sur-Rhône”

    • 26.06 – 22.11.2010 | Exhibition

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  • Jun202010

    Pamphlet 13 | Sion-sur-Rhône

    A new landscape for the Rhone Valley in Sion.

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  • Jun062010

    Landscapevideo. Landscape in Movement

    This title discusses the contribution landscape videos are making to the changing visual culture of landscape architecture. This title focuses on video work made within the department of Landscape Architecture at the University ETH in Zurich.

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  • May152010

    LandscapeVideo | Blicklandschaften

    • 14-28.05.2010 | Exhibition

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  • Jun202009

    Pamphlet 12 | Santa Gilla. A New Landscape for the Metropolitan Lagoon of Cagliari 

    Pamphlet 12 presents a landscape design workshop undertaken by architecture students under the supervision of the Institute for Landscape Architecture on the site of the Lagoon of Santa Gilla in Cagliari, Sardinia.

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  • Jun192009

    Eduard Neuenschwander

    Book design for the architect and environment designer Eduard Neuenschwander.

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  • Dec072008
    symposium “Natur entwerfen - Designing Nature” made a contribution to the current discourse on the basis of the work of the Swiss landscape architect Dieter Kienast

    Symposium – DESIGNING NATURE

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  • Aug082008

    All Publications

    All Publications   Pamphlet 21 Sampling Kyoto Gardens editors: Christophe Girot, Ludwig Berger, Lara Mehling, Nadine Schütz, Matthias Vollmer authors: Ludwig Berger,…

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  • Jun202008

    Pamphlet 11 | Upper Rhine Delta 

    The results from the areas of design, theory and video deal with problems and issues of place specific to the Upper Rhine Delta on the Lake of Constance.

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  • Jun012008

    Gustav Ammann

    Modernist Landscapes in Switzerland

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  • May202008

    Pamphlet 10 | ChuRivages

    Das Pamphlet «ChuRivages» stellt ein Landschaftsprojekt für den Churer Rossboden vor.

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