• Jun192012

    Landscript 1 | Landscape Vision Motion

    Visual Thinking in Landscape Culture

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  • Mar282012

    Elective Course FS 2012 | Plattengrün

    ▶ Investigating the Space between prefabricated Housing Developments

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  • Jan202012

    Seminar Week FS2012 | Raum Klang Labor II

    Zürich, Switzerland  / 18. – 30. January 2012

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  • Nov282011

    Elective Course HS2011 | Landscape Element ‘Tree’ I

    ▶ Investigating the Landscape Element Tree in the City

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  • Oct282011

    Elective Course HS2011 | Rising Waters, Shifting Lands

    The design of a changing Landscape

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  • Jun272011

    Elective Course FS2011 | Zwischenraum/ Inbetween Space

    Hardau Zürich

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  • Jun232011

    Design Studio FS2011 | Rising Waters, Shifting Lands

    The design of a changing Landscape

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  • Jun202011

    Pamphlet 14 | Mies als Gärtner 

    The title may sound like a joke for the purist; but there is reason to believe that Ludwig Mies van der Rohe’s understanding of landscape and nature shifted significantly throughout his career, and came to play a distinct role in his later American works.

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  • Jan202011

    Seminar Week FS2011 | Raum Klang Labor I

    Zürich, Switzerland / 19. – 31. January 2011

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  • Jun252010
    The students of the ETH integrated water management and future urban development issues into their landscape strategy and design

    Exhibition “Sion-sur-Rhône”

    • 26.06 – 22.11.2010 | Exhibition

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  • Jun202010

    Pamphlet 13 | Sion-sur-Rhône

    A new landscape for the Rhone Valley in Sion.

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  • Jun062010

    Landscapevideo. Landscape in Movement

    This title discusses the contribution landscape videos are making to the changing visual culture of landscape architecture. This title focuses on video work made within the department of Landscape Architecture at the University ETH in Zurich.

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