Research Projects

  • Jun032018

    Landscape Topology: Digital Landscape Design and Analysis based on Pointcloud Modelling Technology

    ▶ Research in Technology and Landscape Perception

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  • Jun012018

    Topology: Thinking About Ground in Landscape Architecture

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  • May292018

    Ways of Walking

    This research and teaching project examines the relation between existing path systems and the creative possibilities of the walking subject in the context of landscape architecture and urban development.

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  • May012018

    Gotthard Landscape | The Unexpected View

    ▶ Exploring Landscape Myths and Technology – Encyclopaedia of infrastructure buildings of the Gotthard region and their implications on landscape changes since 1850

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  • Dec172013
    True-color point cloud of the cyclorama 'The Clear World of the Blissful'

    The Elisarion

    ▶ 3D Laser Scanning – Reconstructing the Circular Painting “The Clear World of the Blissful” in the Original Rotunda

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  • Jan092013

    Eduard Neuenschwander

    Neuenschwander took a key position in the development of the natural garden movement as well as by the reassessment of old buildings as a part of a valuable legacy that should be maintained

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  • Oct162012

    CTI Project 4D Sites

    The observation of landscape development over time is one of the crucial factors for the research, analysis and the associated interventions in the field of landscape architecture and spatial planning.

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  • Oct152012

    1 km Wellbeing

    A new approach to the critical analysis of the city landscape

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  • Oct152012

    Future Cities Singapore

    The landscape architecture of Hydrological ecosystem services at the periphery of southeast asian cities: the case of the ciliwung watershed between Bogor and Jakarta in Indonesia

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