• Aug052021

    Development of in-situ digital design tools for robotic landscape fabrication

    This thesis focuses on the re-discovery of on-site design using GNSS technology and virtual and augmented reality applications.

  • Jun152021

    Architecture of Direct Action – Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade

    The practice of the Italian artist and architect group Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade

  • Jun142021

    Urban Underground

    A technology driven approach on understanding the relationship between the urban landscape and its underground.

  • Dec102020

    The Mountain on the Road

    A Critical Analysis of the Interrelation of Road and Landscape during the Motorization of the Swiss Pass Roads.

  • Jul172019

    Application Doctoral Studies

    The application to a doctorate is possible at any time.

  • Jul172019

    Turkey Red

    Ottoman Textiles at the Root of the Parterre de Broderie

  • Jun262019

    Shaping Physical Landscape

    Exploring point cloud modeling as a site-specific design approach in landscape architecture

  • Jul192018

    Mapping Power

    Transformation and Reterritorialization of Landscape on the Jordan River Valley

  • Jun202018

    Terrain in Formation

    The Topology of Robotic Landscape Fabrication

  • Jun032018

    Landscape Topology: Digital Landscape Design and Analysis based on Pointcloud Modelling Technology

    ▶ Research in Technology and Landscape Perception