• Jun182017
    Dissertation Sabine Wolf The urban landscape in the films of the Berlin School Prof Girot

    Representation of Urban Landscapes Through Film

    The aesthetization of the imaginary – Representation of Urban Landscapes in Berlin Through Film

  • Jun182017
    Garten des Poeten-PhD-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. Girot

    Swiss Garden Expositions between Art and Ecology

  • Jun182017
    Swimming pools in Switzerland-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. Girot

    Modernism for the Public Swimming Pool Landscapes in Switzerland

    Swimming Pool Landscapes in Switzerland

  • Jun172017
    An Understanding of Landscape and Visual Culture Landscape Architecture Theory Chair Prof Girot Fred Truniger

    Filmic Mapping

    An Understanding of Landscape and Visual Culture

  • Dec132016

    Open Position: PhD Candidate !

    Open Position: PhD Candidate in landscape architecture ! The Chair of Landscape Architecture of Prof. Christophe Girot at ETH Zürich…

  • Apr092014
    Experimenting Proximity: The Urban Landscape Observatory ETHZ prof Girot + EPFL prof Elena Cogato Lanza

    Case Studies

    Case Studies HOME | RESEARCH PROJECT | CONCEPTS   The Experimenting Proximity project focused on situations characterized by particular “edge-condition landscapes”: the Geneva and…

  • Dec172013
    True-color point cloud of the cyclorama 'The Clear World of the Blissful'

    The Elisarion

    ▶ 3D Laser Scanning – Reconstructing the Circular Painting “The Clear World of the Blissful” in the Original Rotunda

  • Jan092013

    Eduard Neuenschwander

    Neuenschwander took a key position in the development of the natural garden movement as well as by the reassessment of old buildings as a part of a valuable legacy that should be maintained

  • Jan012013

    A new measure of quality in landscape architecture – Topology

    Topology A new measure of quality in landscape architecture Topology is an abstract term designating a continuity of surface. It…

  • Oct162012

    CTI Project 4D Sites

    The observation of landscape development over time is one of the crucial factors for the research, analysis and the associated interventions in the field of landscape architecture and spatial planning.