• Jun012018

    Topology: Thinking About Ground in Landscape Architecture

  • May292018

    Ways of Walking

    This research and teaching project examines the relation between existing path systems and the creative possibilities of the walking subject in the context of landscape architecture and urban development.

  • May012018

    Gotthard Landscape | The Unexpected View

    ▶ Exploring Landscape Myths and Technology – Encyclopaedia of infrastructure buildings of the Gotthard region and their implications on landscape changes since 1850

  • Jun202017

    Cultural Laboratory Seoul

    Research on Culture-Specific Landscape Design in South Korea

  • Jun202017

    From Rarity to Everyday Culture

    The Botanical Garden Zurich as a hub in the global plant trade of the 19th century

  • Jun202017

    The Acoustic Dimension

    Studies on the Perception and Implementation of Landscape Acoustics

  • Jun202017
    Mies Van der Rohe-Das kunstlose Wort-Landscape Architecture-ETH Zürich-Prof. Girot

    Fragmentary Homes

    A Typological Investigation in Architecture and Landscape Architecture based on the work of Mies van der Rohe

  • Jun192017

    Theodor and Otto Froebel

    Back to the Roots of the Profession. The Garden Designers Theodor Froebel and Otto Froebel

  • Jun192017

    Flood Scapes

    Contemporary Landscape Strategies in Times of Climate Change

  • Jun192017
    Dieter Kienast-PHD-A.Freytag-ETH LA Zürich-Prof. Girot

    Dieter Kienast

    Designing Nature. About the work of Swiss Landscape Architect Dieter Kienast (1945-1998)