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  • Apr092014
    Experimenting Proximity: The Urban Landscape Observatory ETHZ prof Girot + EPFL prof Elena Cogato Lanza

    Case Studies

    Case Studies HOME | RESEARCH PROJECT | CONCEPTS   The Experimenting Proximity project focused on situations characterized by particular “edge-condition landscapes”: the Geneva and…

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  • Feb122014

    Sound Check Around

    SOUND CHECK AROUND Elective Course Serendipity HS 2014 The elective course Serendipity deals with the use and perception of landscape…

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  • Jan202014


    Kartographer Audio-Visual Sounding of Lakefront Zurich. The Kartographer is a nascent tool emerging from the Raum-Klang-Labor. It contains the acoustic…

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  • Dec042013

    Étude Noir

    “Noir” – Korbinian Kainz, Bärbel Zindler – Raum-Klang-Labor Student’s Work – FS 2011 Listening with headphones recommended. Duration: 01:40 (extract)

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