Application Doctoral Studies

Application Doctoral Studies
July 17, 2019 Fujan Fahmi

Administration Professur Girot

Claudia Janz
HIL H 57.2 Stefano-Franscini-Platz 5
CH-8093 Zürich

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Application Doctoral Studies

ETH Zurich, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, offers outstanding conditions for a doctorate. An Atmosphere of innovative, state-of-the-art equipment and laboratories, and inspiring environment for young scientific talent to be successful. Our Institute for Landscape Architecture belongs to the Architecture Departement of the ETHZ. It gathers distinguished professionals and academics in the realm of European architectural community.

Our doctoral program caters to topics around new topological methods in landscape design, landscape perception and analysis through new media, contemporary theory and the history and theory of landscape architecture. The main focus of the Institute is the development of high quality, aesthetic and sustainable design for the urban and rural environment. Its aim is the preservation and qualitative ecological improvement of cultural landscapes that have grown over time, including gardens, parks, engineered water landscapes and peripheries.

Each year we seek to admit an outstanding group of applicants, drawn from a broad range of backgrounds, to join a global community of students and faculty deeply committed to expanding the boundaries of human knowledge and understanding.

We are delighted that you are considering joining us in the remarkable intellectual and social experience that constitutes the pursuit of a ETHZ Doctoral degree.

Application deadlines vary by program. All applications must be submitted by the desired program’s deadline.