The man who thinks big

The man who thinks big
January 25, 2023 Dennis Häusler

The man who thinks big

We are pleased to share this article from ETH NEWS. It has been an amazing 24 years at ETH. Thank you to all the team members that contributed to this development at the Chair. Thank you to all the students that contributed their interest, intelligence and energy to landscape architecture! 

We have created a generation of young architects that now integrate large scale landscape thinking in their work and reflections. It has been an honor developing this new school together.

Looking forward to our farewell discussion in the Audi Max on May 9th. 2023 together with Professor Gion Caminada and Professor Joseph Schwartz moderated by Professor Elli Mosayebi.

Christophe Girot brought landscape architecture into the digital world and taught a generation of architects how to think on a larger scale. After more than 20 years as an ETH Professor, he is now retiring.

by Christoph Elhardt

Full Article in German and English