Author archive for Ludwig Berger

  • Nov012022

    ETH Podcast featuring Ludwig Berger: Discover how landscapes sound

    A conversation on a sonic approach to landscape architecture, capturing sounds with students, and our publication “Bodies of Water”

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  • May232022

    Sonic Topologies – Festival for Sound Art, Acoustic Ecology & Sonic Architecture

    Site-specific festival for sound art, acoustic ecology and sonic architecture. Zurich, June 24-26, 2022

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  • Oct312020

    Elective Course HS2019 | Serendipity | Dammed Landscapes

    Measure visual and acoustic information to create a new way of representing landscape.

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  • Sep222020

    Reading Group & lecture Series: Unmasking Space

    Landscape Architecture I, Autumn Semester

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  • Nov222017


    • 17.11.2017 | Sound Performance | AudioVisual Lab ETHZ

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  • Jul192017

    Elective Course HS2017 | | Serendipity | If These Walls Could Talk

    Audio-Visual Fieldwork

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  • Sep192015

    Masterarbeit – Begleitung Landschaftsarchitektur HS17

    Masterarbeit – Begleitung Landschaftsarchitektur HS17   Die Masterarbeit im Begleitfach Landschaftsarchitektur begleitet Studierende während ihrer abschliessenden Semesterarbeit des Studiengangs Architektur…

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