• Jan222020

    Elective Course FS2020 | Serendipity | Carved Landscapes

    Measure visual and acoustic information to create a new way of representing landscape.

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  • Jan132020

    Design Studio FS2020 | Seeland Rivages

    New flood infrastructures for the Jura lake regio

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  • Jan102020

    Seminar Week Spring 2020 | Etna

    A circumnavigation of the Sicilian Volcano trough audiovisual fieldwork

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  • Jan042020

    Publication | L’architecture d’aujour’hui | The Living City: Three Centuries of Park Systems

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  • Dec132019

    Elective Course FS2020 | Topology | “draw a map to get lost”

    In this elective, we aim to question cartographic representations by creating a map that challenges our sense of orientation.

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  • Dec082019


    • 18.12.2019 | Design Studio HS2019 | ETH Hönggerberg, HIB Open Space 2 | 08:30h – 18:00h

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  • Nov222019

    Defense «Cultural Laboratory Seoul»

    • 29 November 2019 | Defense Doctoral Thesis Susann Ahn | ETHZ

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  • Nov212019

    Eclectic Seoul

    • 29 November 2019 | Lecture Prof. Sung Hong Kim | ETHZ

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  • Nov122019

    Spuren des Gartens in zeitgenössischer französischer und deutscher Landschaftsarchitektur

    Symposium, 28 – 29 November 2019, Technische Universität Berlin.

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  • Oct162019

    Publication | Arch+ | Eine Wand aus Datenpunkten

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  • Sep302019

    Apply now: Master of Science ETH in Landscape Architecture

    We offer a new Master’s program in Landscape Architecture at the Department of Architecture of ETH Zurich with a focus on the design and planning of open spaces and landscapes. Next application period: 1 – 31. March 2021.

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  • Sep032019

    Earth Works

    • 17.09.2019 | Seminar on Robotic Landscapes | ETHZ

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