Landscript 6 | Landscape Analogue

Landscript 6 | Landscape Analogue
April 18, 2022 Myriam Uzor

Christophe Girot, Albert Kirchengast


Frank Boehm
Nott Caviezel
Guenter Figal
Ludwig Fischer
Tony Fretton
Christophe Girot
Achim Hahn
Albert Kirchengast
Joern Koeppler
Simon Strauss
Lara Mehling
Florian Nagler
Dunja Richter
Anja Ronacher
Henrike and Tom Schoper
Klaus Zwerger


March 2022


16.0 x 22.0 cm
Euro 29.80  sFr 36.20
ISBN 978-3-86859-541-3

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About Material Culture and Idealism

The difficulty of reconciling our basic needs with the long history of cultural landscapes, in all their inherent beauty and sufficiency, has become clear. With our deep trust in modern technology, in progress and in a demanding global lifestyle we have become a real threat to our world. Yet, today the existential and elementary nature of landscapes remains the bearer of a successful metaphor for “balance”. Why not draw—amidst a truly global crisis—conclusions out of our long history of designed nature, of places shaped by skilled labor and a quest for pleasure? Landscape Analogue seeks to stimulate the “Analogue” dimension as a substantial concept for everyday landscape thinking. In an anthology of interdisciplinary essays, Landscript 6 stresses the necessity for a fundamental shift, within the likely framework of a future of restricted resources, a radically different mobility or “hot” cities.

Landscape Analogue: About Material Culture and Idealism spotlights a long-standing poetic culture of design and ponders a new ecology of the built environment.