Elective Course HS2022 | Serendipity | POINT CLOUD VIDEO

Elective Course HS2022 | Serendipity | POINT CLOUD VIDEO
September 4, 2022 Dennis Häusler

The Wahlfach Point Cloud Video, will investigate a variety of places in Zurich through the point cloud model archive available at the Chair of Prof. Christophe Girot. Students will select specific projects in the archive to create a series of short video/sound installations. The approach in the Serendipity Wahlfach will focus on a strong site-specific approach to Zurich’s urban environment ranging from sites at the ETH Zentrum, the ETH Hönggerberg,  Zürich HB and the Schazengraben to mention but a few.  Emphasis will be given to the place, role and navigation technique of video in the point cloud models under study. The selected student installations will be integrated as part of a larger event recapping the evolution of 50 years of video teaching at the D-ARCH, to be staged at the end of the semester. The underground event will take place in the first week of December 2022, and will be followed by a small publication.

TEACHING TEAM: Prof. Christophe Girot, Fabian Gutscher, Dennis Häusler

CONTACT:  Dennis Häusler

Sept 22   Introduction & Registration
Sept 29  Technical Input & Data
Oct o6 Work in Teams
Oct 13 Work in Teams
Oct 20 Early Mid Crit (first video)
Oct 27   – no course – (seminar week)
Nov 03 Work in Teams (optional fieldwork)
Nov 10 Work in Teams (optional fieldwork)
Nov 17 Late Mid Crit (incl. audio)
Nov 24 Work in Teams
Nov 28  Submission
Dec 01  Final Crit
Dec 08 – no course –
Dec 15 – no course –