Posts tagged with ‘Pointcloud’

  • Sep042022

    Elective Course HS2022 | Serendipity | POINT CLOUD VIDEO

    Discovering the potential of Video in the Pointcloud Model representing urban environments.

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  • Apr282021

    Symposium | Transitional Space 移行する空間

    Symposium with round tables on Japanese architecture—Discussed by architects, residents and experts— Investigated through sound recordings and digital scans.

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  • Aug022019

    Elective Course HS2019 | Topology | Absent Bridges

    A topological Analysis through Point Cloud Modelling

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  • Aug012017

    Elective Course HS2017 | Topology | Walled Waters

    Examining the Topology of the Schanzengraben

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  • Jul192017

    Elective Course HS2017 | | Serendipity | If These Walls Could Talk

    Audio-Visual Fieldwork

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  • Feb282016

    Gotthard Landscape | The Unexpected View

    • 31.10.2015 – 28.02.2016 | Exhibition | “Filmbau” S AM Basel

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