Elective Course HS2019 | Topology | Absent Bridges

Elective Course HS2019 | Topology | Absent Bridges
August 2, 2019 Dennis Häusler


The river Sihl is in more than one way an infrastructure. When the river enters the city, it is interwoven with train lines, highways and recreational areas. Between Sihlcity with the elevated highway above the river and Selnau, where the train lines follow the Sihl beneath its riverbed, the different pathways interchange several times and create complex relations to one another. From the utopian dreams of the high speed motorways called «Epsylon Y» developed in the 1950’s to the built realpolitik solutions – today’s spaces were formed over the last decades. 


Prof. Christophe Girot, Dennis Häusler, Magdalena Kaufmann


Benedikt Kowalevski, Lara Mehling


Jäggi Manuel, Vincent Protic, Barbosa Rosas Julia, Berardi Veronica, Böhm Alexander, Caversaccio Tanguy, Dekoninck Laure, Fleischmann Claudia, Gloggner Cindy, Grifoll I Argemi Carolina, Hartmeyer Lea, Knecht Elias, Kriman Elisaveta, Lacks Pereira Lima Guilherme, Landert Marco, Li Zhaoye, Martelli Stefano, Minami Yuki, Pasche Arnaud, Ruhstaller Larissa, Saldanha Silva Berardo Gomes Roberta, Stanek Dominika, Weber Dimitri, Zhu Qianer


Dennis Häusler

Compilation of Student Interventions

The goal of this course is twofold. First, to document and analyse the site through point cloud modeling in order to reveal its topological potentials. And second, to sketch a new link between the pathways on both sides of the river by rearranging and positioning a pedestrian bridge between the banks of the Sihl. 

During the course, the students will work in groups of two with a three-dimensional point cloud model that will help them understand the complex infrastructure of the site including it’s train lines, motorways, promenades, bike paths and tunnels.


In a second step, the students will scan a suitable bridge within Zurich and reposition it on-site to reshape the rivers section and its relation towards the infrastructure around it. 

Besides a workshops on the site, the students will work on a digital model for which all software and introductions are provided. No previous knowledge in terms of software is required.

Bridges scanned and collaged, repositioned Designs by the Students: below and on > Collection of Bridges

Absent Bridges Girot
Absent Bridges Girot
Absent Bridges Girot

Final Presentation on the three-dimensional Model.

Insights in the Work Process