CTI Project 4D Sites

Image-based Combination of Spatial Data and Graphical Material
Test sites: Village of St. Moritz & UNESCO World Heritage Convent St. John Mustair


The observation of landscape development over time is one of the crucial factors for the research, analysis and the associated interventions in the field of landscape architecture and spatial planning. In the proposed project we want to explore totally new directions in the development of tools for the advanced perception and visualization of such landscape related phenomena. The developed tools shall contribute to a highquality planning. As one of the first institutes within Europe, the Institute of Landscape Architecture (ILA) follows an approach based on these techniques for large-scale landscape visualizations.

Research: Pascal Werner

Advisor: Prof. Christophe Girot
Project timeframe: 2012–2014
Research founded by: Commission for Technology and Innovation CTI
Contact: Pascal Werner


Main Research Partner:
Institute of Landscape Architecture ETH Zurich
Prof. Christophe Girot
Pascal Werner

Additional Research Partner:
Institute for Visual Computing ETH Zurich
Prof. Marc Pollefeys
Dr. Kevin Köser, Bernhard Zeisl

Implementation Partners:
Keystone Switzerland
Swiss National Library
Documentation Library St. Moritz
Convent of St. John Müstair

Links: The Elisarion Project