MAS LA 2013-2014 – Student Projects:

Lakescapes, preserving agriculture | A project by Alexandre Roulin & George Sarmaniotis

The high level of the water table in the Linth Valley in Switzerland and it’s consequences is the basic issue this project deals with. The main economical activity in the area is agriculture and is sustained through intensive drainage of the fields due to the fact that the water table is close or some times above the ground level, depending on the period of the year. The result of this action is the shrinking of the ground, which in the very near future will lead to the complete sinking of the ground surface turning the grass fields into swamps.
In order to prevent the above course and preserve agriculture as a main activity in the area, this project focuses on a solution that proposes two main actions connected topologically and economically in an balanced way. The first action is the digging of the most problematic areas, as far as concern the proximity to water table, and the second is the use of the digging material to fill the less endangered parts of the valley, neighboring the previous areas, in order to be secured without the need of intensive drainage. The result of those two actions will be the raise of the ground level by creating lakes.

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