Fragmented Landscapes | a project by Jacqueline Frizi & Sofia Prifti

Fragmented Landscapes | a project by Jacqueline Frizi & Sofia Prifti
July 10, 2014 HiwisMASLA

MAS LA 2013-2014 – Student Projects:

Fragmented Landscapes | A project by Jacqueline Frizi & Sofia Prifti

The following project, deals with a hybrid landscape of fragmented rural and urban characteristics, in the Linthebene area, by the end of Zürichsee. The dominant infrastructural water network, that divides the valley in two, as well as the parallel urban spines lacking perpendicular connections to the Linth canal, were perceived as the major problems in our design approach.Important fragments along the Linth such as the several natural reserve areas, the renaturalization of the old Linth river and the untouched nature-”jungle” on the waterfront were used as a starting point in our approach. In the same fragmented way our design intervention focuses on three different points of the site.

A main goal was to propose a new adaptive, according to its context, system that would solve the specific problems of each area and would in a larger scale connect the existing cities through a new network of pathways to the “new Linth”, unifying the design.Starting from Wallensee, the main approach was to regenerate and redesign the existing renaturalized area, in order to make it more accecible for the locals. Technically it would also function as a buffer zone in case of an extreme flooding scenario. Moreover, in the Kaltbrunner Riet, an artificially preserved natural reserve area a system of polders is designed, collecting the waters of the valley and leading them to the side canal and eventually to Zürichsee, to replace the pumping.
Last, our main focus was to redesign the watermouth of the area, that was completely degraded and unused. It would function as an attractor for the whole area of the Linthebene, creating a strong connection between the city of Schmerikon and the expanded Linth, bringing the locals closer to the new recreational character of the water. A parallel system of three worlds, starting from the city of Schmerikon, to the intermediate level of the cubic wetlands leading to the untouched, less accessible nature of the “jungle”, create a triptychon of transition from the hard to the soft edge.

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