MAS LA 2013-2014

MAS LA 2013-2014
July 10, 2014 HiwisMASLA


Best of MAS LA 2013-2014 with Christophe Girot

In the MAS LA year 2013/2014 the students were given a design task in the Linth Valley between Lake Zurich and Walensee! 

The task of each MAS LA student was to generate a large-scale vision for the future Linth valley and explain their individual methodology of integrating the tools they have been learning during the year, in the design process. The Linth valley, named by the old river Linth, used to have major problems with flooding and malaria. Nowadays, is characterized by the strong infrastructural element of the Linthcanal and a complex secondary, drainage system. The site’s location by the end of Zürichsee, and the great connectivity due to the highway, were major aspects that the students should take into consideration throughout the design process.

Lakescapes, preserving agriculture  | a project by Alexandre Roulin & George Sarmaniotis
Linth Water Park | a project by Angelos Komninos & Argyro Theodoropoulou
Fragmented Landscapes | a project by Jacqueline Frizi & Sofia Prifti

Have a look at the final results, at MAS LA 2013-2014 student blog