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  • May292018

    Ways of Walking

    This research and teaching project examines the relation between existing path systems and the creative possibilities of the walking subject in the context of landscape architecture and urban development.

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  • Jun202017

    The Acoustic Dimension

    Studies on the Perception and Implementation of Landscape Acoustics

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  • Jun182017
    Dissertation Sabine Wolf The urban landscape in the films of the Berlin School Prof Girot

    Representation of Urban Landscapes Through Film

    The aesthetization of the imaginary – Representation of Urban Landscapes in Berlin Through Film

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  • Jun172017
    An Understanding of Landscape and Visual Culture Landscape Architecture Theory Chair Prof Girot Fred Truniger

    Filmic Mapping

    An Understanding of Landscape and Visual Culture

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  • Jul102014

    Alumni Profiles

    MAS LA Alumni In 2013, the Master of Advanced Studies in Landscape Architecture (MAS LA) has been running for 10…

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  • Jul102014

    MAS LA 2013-2014

    Best of MAS LA 2013-2014 with Christophe Girot In the MAS LA year 2013/2014 the students were given a design…

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  • Apr172014

    MAS LA 2012-2013

    Best of MAS LA 2012-2013 with Christophe Girot In the MAS LA year 2012/2013 the students were given a design…

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  • Apr092014
    Experimenting Proximity: The Urban Landscape Observatory ETHZ prof Girot + EPFL prof Elena Cogato Lanza

    Case Studies

    Case Studies HOME | RESEARCH PROJECT | CONCEPTS   The Experimenting Proximity project focused on situations characterized by particular “edge-condition landscapes”: the Geneva and…

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  • Dec112012
    MASLA Module 2 Visualization process images

    MAS LA Module 2 – Landscape Visualization

    MAS LA Module 2 – Landscape Visualization The final presentation of Module 2 of the MAS LA will take place…

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  • Dec052012


    Raum-Klang-Labor Landscape cannot only be seen but also be heard. GOAL The seminar Raum-Klang-Labor is an experimental teaching project, bringing…

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  • Nov132012
    Lothar Schäfer-Über Freiräume der Gestaltung und Grenzen der Willkür-Symposium Topologie-Landscape Architecture-ETHZ-Prof. Girot-

    Lothar Schäfer

    We had the pleasure to have Lothar Schäfer during the Topology Symposium. Name: Lothar Schäfer Title:  emeritus Professor of Philosophy at the Universität Hamburg.…

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  • Oct232012
    video and digital tools as landscape design tools


    MediaLab An integral part of landscape education is the MediaLab, using audiovisual media as landscape analysis and design tools. We…

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