MAS LA Module 2 – Landscape Visualization

MAS LA Module 2 – Landscape Visualization
December 11, 2012 jrebsame

MASLA Module 2 Visualization process images

MAS LA Module 2 – Landscape Visualization

The final presentation of Module 2 of the MAS LA will take place on Wednesday the 12th of December in the LVML.

MAS LA Module 2: “Landscape Visualization”, focussed on the experimentation of the various applications of visualization within the design process.

The exercises focussed on the site of Erstfeld, an Alpine valley with a complex combination of landscape development and infrastructural pressures. The students were introduced to Grasshopper as an analytical tool, in order to process massive GIS based datasets and generate atmospheric site data.

The presentation will begin at 1300h, and feature an experimental combination of static and animated techniques in order to demonstrate the various dynamic landscape systems at work in the valley.

For more information contact James Melsom – further details and images to follow.