MAS LA 2012-2013

MAS LA 2012-2013
April 17, 2014 HiwisMASLA


Best of MAS LA 2012-2013 with Christophe Girot

In the MAS LA year 2012/2013 the students were given a design task in Erstfeld – Altdorf: “Water meets Infrastructure”.

The task of each MAS LA student was to generate a large-scale vision for the future Reuss valley. This challenge demanded the transformation of the various infrastructures, integrating future flooding, living and ecological patterns. The development of the Reuss valley at Erstfeld, Uri is a complex mix of infra­structural systems, including the local, regional, and european transport networks. The Reuss river. The recent opening of the northern entrance to the Alp Transit tunnel project is the latest transformation to the valley system, creating large shifts in the future use of the valley. Within the MAS LA design studio, students work alone and in groups to react to the complex issues facing Erstfeld and its surroundings with a holistic approach to the future vision for the valley.

Shifting Focus – Shifting Horizon  | a project by Ana Krstulovic
In Change | a project by Ioulitta Stavridi & Karolina Katsambi
Simultaneous Landscapes | a project by Effrosyni Laskari & Marina Tsintzeli