In Change | a project by Ioulitta Stavridi & Karolina Katsambi

In Change | a project by Ioulitta Stavridi & Karolina Katsambi
April 17, 2014 HiwisMASLA

Best of MAS LA 2012-2013 – Student Projects:

In Change | A project by Ioulitta Stavridi & Karolina Katsambi

Adaptation to the present conditions and flexibility in terms of the future create a new dynamic entity that is capable of undergoing possible and unknown changes. The new topography constitutes a living muscle, which transforms and redefines new
relations according to the information it receives from its environment. The proposal is meant to be perceived as the antithesis of something fixed and static acting like a surface skin on top of the existing landscape. Water, instead of indicating the problem, actively shapes the topography. It interacts with the surface in a direct way and generates a plethora of spatial qualities. Simultaneously, a space and time continuum is created, which not only seeks a balance during the seasons but also through the passing of time. As the whole process is recognized as continuous progress, time is given space, and therefore the perception of space is also affected by it. Perception is not just about the first impression and doesn’t necessarily express the primary reading of the ‘place’; it evolves throughout time and also relates to new facts and realities, even as these change. In this process, different dimensions are being obtained. Nature is not an element we have to encounter, but an element we have to work with. The core of the concept is finding the way to adjust natural forces so that they are attune with the topography, rather than impeding them. Nature is given back its right to develop according to its inner rhythms. It is allowed to breathe and exist under its own terms. Human beings are perceived as observers by designing a trace to be followed, while at the same
time one allowing it to be reexamined and readapted at will.

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