Simultaneous Landscapes | a project by Effrosyni Laskari & Marina Tsintzeli

Simultaneous Landscapes | a project by Effrosyni Laskari & Marina Tsintzeli
April 17, 2014 HiwisMASLA

Best of MAS LA 2012-2013 – Student Projects:

Simultaneous Landscapes | A project by Effrosyni Laskari & Marina Tsintzeli

In the context of an urbanized future of the valley, we are designing the possibilities of a new landscape that will link together the fragmented valley. A dynamic new parkland is created in the existing cultural landscape, one that responds to the future transformations of the area. The area is confronted by the onset of floods caused by topographical water dynamics. For this reason a flood protection infrastructure system is integrated in this reinvented cultural landscape. The intervention focuses on two areas, the upper stream in the eastern side of the valley between Erstfeld and Altdorf, next to the motorway, and the delta area where the Reuss River meets the Lake of Lucerne. Essentially, the upper stream creates a new flood diversion channel to discharge the additional amount of water. Through the new reshaped topography, flood limits are redefined and floodplains controlled.
In the delta area, more space is given to the previously channeled river by creating new river branches. In this area a continuous transitory system between land and water is to be placed and the floodplain freely formed. Reshaped, a sculptural ground is created to receive the evolving field of parkland corresponding to the social aspect of the project, thus providing a topographical water management strategy.

TIME FIELD SEQUENCE: Moving and continually changing landscape. The seasons, the light, the temperature and the uses transform this place with the passing of the seasons. The transformation of color and forms make this landscape diverse and alive.

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